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All About Me

It was during my own transition to Motherhood (which began after conceiving my first child in 2008) that I slowly began to discover my "new" identity. I was learning to follow (& trust) my own instincts where my body & my baby were concerned. I wasn't the kind of parent I thought I would be - but I was OK with that.  Later, in 2011 after my second child was born, I really began to understand the vital role support played in parenting! Having left behind my career in Teaching to raise my family, my yearn for continued learning & a passion for all things birth, baby, breastfeeding & informed choice began.  Solent Parenting first came to life in 2017 (a couple of  years after we completed our family with baby no. 3) & I have been steadily growing & nurturing it since.  Unsurprisingly, I seem to get most of my work by word of mouth & I endeavour to ensure I am welcoming & non-judgemental, but honest. I enjoy building relationships with my clien

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