General Client Feedback


Thank you so much for all your much needed help & support this year, my breastfeeding journey & sanity, would not have survived without you!

Angelica & Family


Sally has been a huge help in all sorts of things pregnancy & baby. I would really recommend anything sling related, it's a great tool & thanks to Sally, I feel more confident using my Stretchy & Ring sling - I even just managed to feed in the stretchy thanks to Sally's Feeding in Slings workshop.

I can't wait to go on some sling walk meet-ups.



Sally from Solent Parenting has been very important to me during these months of being a first time parent.

Her support has ranged from maternal wellbeing to breastfeeding to slings. I am now 6months+ into my parenting journey & I honestly don't think I would still be breastfeeding if it hadn't been for Sally's support, especially during lockdown - knowing that there is a friendly face at the end of the phone/zoom has helped so much.

Thank you for everything.



I booked Sally for a Sling Consultation - not only was she knowledgeable & informative, she was also incredibly honest, which was greatly appreciated. She helped us to find a sling (or 2) for us to try & has given lots of tips & tricks to help support us & our baby. I feel much more confident now - Thank you for all your help. I would certainly recommend to anyone & everyone!



841 days of boobing & she's naturally weaned.

Thank you so much for all your support. We managed 800 more days with your guidance & support than we would have otherwise done. 



We met Sally for a Postnatal Consultation. She is a wonderful person & her kindness made all the difference. We had an opportunity to receive support with breastfeeding & much, much more. Having a newborn is the most wonderful adventure for us but it has been full on & sometimes processing information can be a little overwhelming. Sally has a really gentle approach & made sure she really got to know us as a family to provide helpful tips & advice that were specific to us. We had already decided to begin our babywearing journey, however we were not sure which sling was best & how to choose one that best suited our needs. Sally provided us with lots of options & information to make a choice that enabled us to have the best start into babywearing, We would highly recommend this support to other new parents.

Giulia & Antonio


I had a sling consultation with Sally & it was SO helpful. Sally showed me how to use my stretchy in a better way & talked me through the other types of slings. I was able to try them out & find which was best to suit our needs. Sally gave me lots of useful tips & I was able to ask any questions I had. Thanks Sally.




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