Postnatal Doula

To see more on the evidence to support the benefits of Doula Support, see the links on my "Birth Doula" page. 

So many people still don't know about Postnatal Doulas! 
Even if you decide against a Doula to support you during pregnancy, labour & birth - you can (& should) still consider a Postnatal Doula. 

Modern, western society has somehow forgotten the benefits & worth in taking your time to heal & recover from birth, the transition to parenthood & to embrace the 4th Trimester. 
In many countries & cultures around the world the post-partum period is treated as a sacred time where the mother is nurtured & celebrated, the only visitors are there to look after the mother & soul focus is on healing & nurturing her baby. 

You can read more about traditional postnatal practices here:

As a Postnatal Doula my role is to nurture & care for the new mother or birthing person. I am there to listen, hold the space, support, encourage, talk too, feed & facilitate self-care & sleep. I can also support partners in the transition to parenthood. I can demonstrate & support with baby care - first baths, nappy changing, feeding, winding, etc... I can suggest ways to bond with your baby & encourage you to listen & communicate with one another gently in your new sleep deprived state. I can collect shopping, prepare meals & complete light household chores. I can help with pets & siblings, run errands & organise or oversee appointments & visitors. Signpost to & provide information to continue to support your decision making as new parents, support you in your babywearing journey & generally ease your 4th Trimester -  Anything & everything (within reason) to "mother the mother" & support the new family. 

Packages of care can be put together prior to the birth of your baby, ideally so we have time to get to know one another first & I can be ready to start supporting you as soon as baby has arrived! 
I charge by the hour (plus travel) & always offer a discount for bookings of 20 hours or more. 

To arrange an initial chat &/or meet up email: OR telephone: 07966662776



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